Trans Visibility: The Digest

March 1

Day 1: Make yourself known. Tell the world your name, age, and how you identify. Post a picture of yourself.

Taken today, March 2.

March 2

Day 2: Talk about your process of discovery and realization. How did you come to understand yourself to be trans?

You’re not a boy, you’re an Adam!” — every girl I was ever friends with

I was 28, most of the way through a summer trip to Europe and the first time I’d ever traveled alone for more than a few days.

He was a cutie, I gotta say.
“Hey reddit, could I be a girl with this bone structure?”

March 3 and 4

I hope to get caught up after one more twofer, and start doing one a day like I should, unless this length isn’t too back-breaking to read. Sorry if it is.

  • I told my therapist what had been going on.
  • I dyed my hair purple.
  • I ordered hormones off the internet.
Proto-Adam. (August ‘14)
  • I shaved my body hair.
  • I painted my nails.
  • I bought some women’s clothes.
Mic check. (August ‘14)
  • I started taking hormones.
  • My therapist told me to hold off.
  • I hated my therapist for a little bit.
What could have been. (September ‘14)
  • I got a new therapist.
  • He told me to hold off on hormones too, but encouraged me to keep experimenting.
  • I started using ‘queer’ as a kind of shield identity to hold me while I figured out something better.
I’m pretty sure I mostly just wanted to be her.
I mean, goddamn. (Late ‘15)
  • I started dating two wonderful people who wanted relationships completely unlike my former primary.
  • They were into my queerness, not into me in spite of it. This makes every difference in the world.
My sweet summer child. (June ‘16)
  • I started to go sterile, as happens between 6–10 months on estrogen. No big.
  • My Wellbutrin stopped working, without warning.
  • Fascism happened.

March 5

Day 5: Talk about dysphoria. Do you experience dysphoria? How does it affect you? What things do you do to cope with it?

March 6–16 (condensed)

Catching up on each question in a few paragraphs each:

March 17

Day 17: Talk with pride. Why are you proud to be trans? How do you show the world your pride?

8 Things I Love About Being Trans

8. How incredible is it to experience the world from two wildly different societal perspectives, when the vast majority of the world only gets to do it from one? Books, movies, and entire relationship advice empires have been predicated on “the two genders” being essential, opposite, and inscrutable to one another, and yet here we are, doing cartwheels over the boundary lines. It’s no wonder the trans community secretly calls cis people muggles. (Whoops, I wasn’t s’pose’d to say tha’…)

Pictured: a trans mower realizing that lawns are just a construct

March 18–31 (semi-condensed)

(Day 30 asks you not to post, and Day 31 asks you to simply make yourself visible.)



A novel assortment of inputs and outputs

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