Trans Visibility: The Digest

March 1

Taken today, March 2.

March 2

You’re not a boy, you’re an Adam!” — every girl I was ever friends with

He was a cutie, I gotta say.
“Hey reddit, could I be a girl with this bone structure?”

March 3 and 4

  • I told my therapist what had been going on.
  • I dyed my hair purple.
  • I ordered hormones off the internet.
Proto-Adam. (August ‘14)
  • I shaved my body hair.
  • I painted my nails.
  • I bought some women’s clothes.
Mic check. (August ‘14)
  • I started taking hormones.
  • My therapist told me to hold off.
  • I hated my therapist for a little bit.
What could have been. (September ‘14)
  • I got a new therapist.
  • He told me to hold off on hormones too, but encouraged me to keep experimenting.
  • I started using ‘queer’ as a kind of shield identity to hold me while I figured out something better.
I’m pretty sure I mostly just wanted to be her.
I mean, goddamn. (Late ‘15)
  • I started dating two wonderful people who wanted relationships completely unlike my former primary.
  • They were into my queerness, not into me in spite of it. This makes every difference in the world.
My sweet summer child. (June ‘16)
  • I started to go sterile, as happens between 6–10 months on estrogen. No big.
  • My Wellbutrin stopped working, without warning.
  • Fascism happened.

March 5

March 6–16 (condensed)

March 17

8 Things I Love About Being Trans

Pictured: a trans mower realizing that lawns are just a construct

March 18–31 (semi-condensed)




A novel assortment of inputs and outputs

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Ada Powers

Ada Powers

A novel assortment of inputs and outputs

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