The Fallacy of Misspent Resources

  1. We are beings of limited capability and motivation. No matter how hard you try, it’s impossible to hold the world in your head and do justice to its every facet. Whatever you have the energy for right now is what matters.
  2. Injustice is everywhere, and it takes every single one of us working hard to fix it. It’s understandable to want everyone to combine their efforts behind the things we think are the most important, but that’s not always realistic, or arguably, beneficial.
  3. We’re all experts in different things, and it’s a given that any time spent learning about one issue is time not spent learning about another. If someone is drawn to a certain domain of impact, that’s probably where they’ll be the most effective.




A novel assortment of inputs and outputs

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Ada Powers

Ada Powers

A novel assortment of inputs and outputs

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