Giving some love to an under-appreciated (and under-developed) code visualization

Front-end development can be a messy, tedious affair. Even with the all-singing, all-dancing modern workflow that live-reloads, preprocesses, lints, and phones for a pizza when it detects your blood sugar dropping, a big part of building websites is, well, building websites. …

The author and her community run a number of meetups and discussion groups for the non-monogamous, and we’ve identified the need for a simple guide to bring folks up to speed on the concepts, terms, and common wisdom we sometimes take for granted. This is our best attempt to compile…

An innocent-seeming question came across my LinkedIn feed:

It’s easy to have an opinion on this. The question leads you there itself, begging you to read: should obviously non-work things be allowed at work? Open and shut.

But it’s a study in the power of defining terms.

In the naming…

Earlier this year, I participated in a month-long challenge to post a series of personal essays about my experience being trans. I wrote them originally as Facebook notes, then tried to create a Medium Series, but their length kind of broke the format. I’m compiling them here, in hopes someone…

Today, whoever decides such things has declared it #lesbianvisibilityday. Normally, I take a step back on topics like this one, but today I’m deciding to take a step forward instead. Not sure where this is gonna go; some of my thoughts on the matter are complicated.

So, I’m a lesbian.

If you’ve spent any time on social media in the past decade, especially in politically or socially active circles, you’ve no doubt seen many variations on these statements:

“Before we start focusing on what’s going on overseas, maybe we should work on our many problems here at home”

“How can…

The Elder Hippie with Limitless Sexual Appetite

They’re probably among the first poly people you’ll meet — at the sacred tantric cuddle gatherings, the Burner parties, the tantric Burner cuddle parties — singlehandedly upending your entire understanding of the human life span. Free as birds and wise as owls, bright…

it’s fortunate, no doubt
for medicine to be so synonymous
with treating a condition

it’s privilege, truly
to take matters into your own hands
and force an institution to
support all your endeavors

but what happens when that well runs dry,
or caution stays your steady hand
or you decide that maybe…

Ada Powers

A novel assortment of inputs and outputs

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